Firm Offers Video Conferencing

By Staff Writer April 28, 2020

Gubagoo, a provider of digital retailing and messaging solutions for automotive dealerships, has launched “Virtual Meetings,” its new video conferencing solution that will enable dealers to start face-to-face video meetings with their customers using any messaging platform.

Gubagoo’s Virtual Retailing, which allows dealers to sell vehicles online, and Gubagoo’s ChatSmart, which facilitates conversations with customers on dealers’ websites, have seen record usage in the past six weeks. To continue to support dealers with the technology they need right now, Gubagoo’s Virtual Meetings was developed to allow video conversations to support the buying process, whether they are using chat or engaged in a full digital retailing.

The feature helps dealers navigating high friction deal steps like warranties and desking in a remote environment, where e-mail and phone are often insufficient. It also provides a critical way to build rapport and connect with customers face-to-face, further humanizing the online, digital experience.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 28 April 2020 14:20

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