Fair Responds to COVID-19

By Staff Writer March 29, 2020 587

In response to social-distancing measures enacted during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, vehicle subscription app Fair announced a free delivery option that will allow customers to order, sign for and receive their car without leaving the house.

Fair is offering a free delivery option in an effort to flatten the curve of COVID-19’s spread. The delivery option means a Fair customer’s entire experience – from getting approved, shopping, document signing, and arranging for the car to be brought to the customer – can all be done with no negotiation, dealership visit or even physical paperwork. Fair’s flexible month-to-month model also allows customers to turn their car in whenever they want – a powerful ability in a hard-to-predict economic environment.

"In uncertain times where ridesharing and public transportation are not necessarily viable options, it’s important that people who need an affordable car can get one for as long – or as short – as they need without being locked into years of debt or even leaving the house," said Ed Brojerdi, Fair’s global head of brand. "As this crisis continues to unfold, we will make sure that nobody has to compromise their health or finances just to have something to drive."

Cars eligible for delivery must be located less than 50 miles away from the delivery location. Delivery is not available in all areas. In this case, customers can pick up their car simply by showing their driver’s license at the dealership and driving away.

Fair’s subscription model offers pre-owned cars for an upfront Start Payment, a refundable security deposit and an ongoing monthly payment that includes routine maintenance, roadside assistance and a limited warranty. It is an alternative to a traditional lease or loan, both of which lock consumers into a multi-year contract that’s not compatible for many in today’s volatile financial reality.

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Last modified on Thursday, 02 April 2020 12:55