Bourbon’s Expensive Enough

By Tony Moorby August 10, 2018

As I write this, the cost of a Coca Cola is rising as a result of tariff increases on the metals used for their cans. How un-American. How Trump. Also, the Gross Domestic Product numbers for the second quarter have just been released – a whopping 4.1 percent.

Even if this were unsustainable for the rest of the year, any president would claim responsibility. How Trump.

I’ve mentioned before that trying to keep track of this president’s likely moves would cloud any crystal ball. You have to wonder if he purposely keeps people, including his closest insiders, off balance as a kind of management style.

I’ve seen this before. It’s a belief that subordinates should be ready for any eventuality. The problem is that planning goes out the window and everything gets dealt with on an ad hoc basis, even to the extent of going back on previous positions or statements.

The recent statements about Putin and Russia are a good case in point. He’s so sure of his authority he doesn’t get embarrassed or feel an apology is warranted.

As for immigration policy – there hasn’t been one – at least not one that anybody has stuck to for more than five minutes or that one department should be in synch with any other, sharing

similar instructions from the top. As for separating children from their parents, this disgusting practice doesn’t belong in this country. They did that in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsun! They even announced this morning that “some parents were unqualified to be

reunited with their children.”

What? Apparently, some repatriated parents signed documents stating that they didn’t want their kids back. Most of them couldn’t

speak English, let alone read or understand it without help, which was not forthcoming.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have a policy – we should. But apply it equitably and fairly. It took me donkeys’ years to qualify even being married to an American girl.

As for sexual dalliances, most politicians should be very careful before casting that stone especially with the Me-too crowd breathing down their necks. Mind you, I hope we don’t become a nation of misandrists, turning to the hatred of men, in general.

Meanwhile, the press continues its unabating barrage. I know they’re doing their jobs but it’s getting like dog poop on your shoes – you can’t get rid of it!

It used to be that reporters would maintain a middle ground and report the facts. Now the broadcasts are colored with positions already taken and the language leans whichever way suits the station best.

I do question the ability of someone like George Snufflupaguss taking the middle ground, having donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation on the run up to the elections. Maybe he thought he’d have some sort of inside track were she to have won.

One can’t help but be cynical these days.

So Trump carries on alienating allies, whether politically, economically or just crassly cutting off the Queen, but then he has to back-pedal and remake deals or take back statements.

The car manufacturers and their parts makers don’t know whether they’re on foot or horseback. Surely Trump or his advisers are not naïve enough to think that we build cars in this country without importing the bits and pieces to put them together.

Here in the South, Hyundai, Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan and many others are talking about raising prices.

Farmers are losing markets or will have to pay more for foreign access when retaliation takes hold. ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction…’

I hope Canada Dry doesn’t go up – bourbon’s expensive enough.


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