Same as the Old Tech Hub

By Ted Craig October 11, 2018

When people talk of Silicon Valley, they talk as if it is a tech hub unlike the world has ever seen. But in reality, Detroit was the same type of place a little over a century ago. The brightest minds would share ideas about new technology in this fast-growing city. Massive fortunes were made and the world was changed. If you don’t believe me, just ask Aldous Huxley.

Today, people talk about the need to concentrate the industry in a few places to share and create ideas. But at what point do you pass the line between new ideas and groupthink? That is definitely what happened in Detroit.

Today, Silicon Valley enjoys little regulation and foreign competition. That will change. And it will change faster for the new tech industry than it did for the auto industry. The auto industry enjoyed about sixty years with little of either. But when change came, It came hard and fast.

Perhaps people from Silicon Valley should visit Detroit. Or perhaps they should visit another valley – the Valley of the Kings.

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