Lawyers Gonna Sue Sue Sue

By Ted Craig October 10, 2018

Taylor Swift recently made a big public announcement that she was voting against Republican Marsha Blackburn in this fall's Senate election. She cited several reasons for her decision, among them was Blackburn's opposition to a so-called fair pay bill. What Ms. Swift seems not to realize is this bill shows how behind many good ideas lurk lawyers ready to file class-action suits.

The bill Rep. Blackburn voted against in 2009 "would have made it easier for women to file wage discrimination lawsuits against employers." This wasn't just about pay for women. It was also about paydays for lawyers. And as I said, this is often where the money leads with many laws. If a law restricts people's ability to sue, trial lawyers are against it. If it expands the ability to sue, they support it. It's simple self-interest. 

You can argue that the ability to sue is an important tool for progress. To paraphrase an old saying, "You can get farther with a kind word and a tort than you can with just a kind word." Maybe Taylor Swift supports trial lawyers, along with the Democratic candidate. After all, she has been on the winning side of lawsuits. Of course, she has also been the respondent in a few, including one for the song lyrics I parodied in this blog's title.

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