Achievers Achieve

By Ted Craig October 08, 2018

I attended a birthday party over the weekend and the guest of honor told me she had set a goal at the start of 2018 to read 50 books and she accomplished that by June. I shouldn't have been surprised. It's that kind of focus and effort that got her through two of the top nursing schools in the country.

Then today I saw a headline on one of the celebrity rags that said Julia Roberts has her best body at 51. Yes, yes, cosmetic surgery, personal trainer, genes, etc. But you know what else? Focus and effort, the same factors that made her own of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

People tend to discount that achievers achieve. They do this to make themselves feel better. Hey, it's OK. There are all kinds of trade-offs involved in achievement. Cut yourself some slack, but don't cut down others when you do.

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