All a Twitter

By Ted Craig October 02, 2018

This blog will eventually be posted to Twitter. We are on Twitter because we’re a media company and Twitter is a great way for us to share our content. But I’m not so sure other people should share their “content.”
Twitter is a bit like the argument against pot legalization. Sure, some people can handle doing it everyday, but some people cannot. This is true for both pot and Twitter when it comes to Elon Musk. Even before the tweet that brought the ire of the Feds, there was the “pedo” comment. Do you really want your CEO acting like that online?
Politicians should also be banned from Twitter. Maybe their offices can share useful information with constituents, but they shouldn’t share their thoughts. It’s all for self-aggrandizement. Look at Ted Lieu. He’s become a hero online for his constant tweets against the president. But I’ll always think of him as the big baby who threw a tantrum when his attempt to destroy the BHPH industry in California failed.
My wish won’t come true, but it would be a better world, wouldn’t it?

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