Some Collapse

By Ted Craig September 28, 2018

Zero Hedge is a blog written by morons for morons. The latest example is this piece titled "September U.S. Auto Sales Expected to Collapse." It's based on Edmunds' latest projection on sales. The actual release tells us "September marks the first time that the new-car SAAR has pushed above 17 million in two months." That sounds like the opposite of a collapse to me. But don't take my word for it. Here is the headline Edmunds provided for its release: "New Vehicle Sales Expected to Dip Year-Over-Year, but Remain Strong in September, Edmunds Forecasts." Jeremey Acevedo is quoted in the release as saying, "September is still shaping up to be a robust month for sales."

But who are you going to believe, the actual release or some dimwit who thinks he's a badass fictional character? 

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