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Monday, 18 September 2017 22:27

Manheim Debuts Mobile Auction

Manheim celebrated the grand opening of Manheim Wilmington on Sept. 15. Manheim's mobile auction presence in Wilmington, S.C., is one of the company's longest tenured.
With two lanes equipped for in-lane and online auction capabilities, Manheim Wilmington also offers inspections, enhanced imaging, OVE, financing options through NextGear Capital and all other floor plan companies, as well as assurance packages through DealShield.

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Wednesday, 06 September 2017 16:35

Recon Firm Adds Auction Veteran to Board

CARS Recon Inc. has named Steve Simon to its board of directors.
Simon joins Tony Moorby and Tom Cunningham as non-executive advisors.
An industry veteran, Simon created a number of companies across North America. Simon was the founder and CEO of American Auction Group, the founder and CEO of Auction Finance Group, as well as chairman and CEO of the Canadian Auction Group.
Simon retired five years ago, after a 25-year career. 

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Wednesday, 06 September 2017 01:20

VW Warns Auctions of Stolen Cars

Volkswagen has reason to believe that several vehicles have been stolen with the intent of being resold at auction.
Volkswagen has alerted the authorities, who are investigating.
If an auction currently possesses or comes into possession of any of the vehicles,
Volkswagen strongly urges that they put a permanent hold on these vehicles to prevent their sale and contact the company immediately.
Auctions should contact Christine Mennel of VW Credit Inc. either by phone at (248) 754-9982 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The VINs for the vehicles in question are available from the National Auto Auction Association.

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Monday, 04 September 2017 01:40

State Suspends Dealer’s License Again

Michigan’s Secretary of State recently suspended the license of a used-car dealer for the second time.
Infiniti Motor Group Inc. in Redford was unable to produce records required by law, including odometer statements and properly assigned titles, to a Secretary of State investigator during a general compliance inspection. The licensee was previously on a two-year probation, in part due to a failure to properly maintain records.

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Friday, 01 September 2017 01:39

Elected Official Faces Curbstoning Charges

The Nebraska attorney general’s office filed criminal charges against Andrew F. Stebbing, the Lancaster County treasurer.
Stebbing has been charged with two counts of making a false statement in a motor vehicle bill of sale, one count of acting as a motor vehicle dealer without a license, and two counts of filing a false income tax return. All five counts are Class IV felonies, which are punishable by up to two years’ imprisonment, a $10,000 fine, or both.
In addition to any possible criminal penalties, if found guilty of any income tax violation, Stebbing may be subject to repayment of unpaid taxes plus any interest and penalties.

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017 01:03

State Says Couple Withheld Car Sales Tax

A New Jersey used-car dealer and his wife face charges of tax evasion.
The Bergen County prosecutor’s office claims Samyon Gilstein and his wife, Alexandra Gilstein, conspired to collect state sales tax on retail automobile sales, falsely reported the value of the tax collected, and stole the funds accumulated as a result of the false reporting.
Alexandra Gilstein worked as a clerk at her husband’s South Hackensack dealership, Sunrise Motors Inc.
Starting in December 2016, the prosecutor’s office and local police received complaints about Sunrise Motors from customers, representatives of the New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission and the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, said.
Between Jan. 1, 2013 and Dec. 31, 2016, the Gilsteins collected in excess of $1.6 million in sales tax but falsely reported on quarterly tax returns that the business had only collected approximately $360,000.
Samyon Gilstein was charged with one count of misapplication of entrusted funds, one count of failure to turn over collected, withheld tax and misconduct by a corporate official, all with a benefit greater than $75,000.
Alexandra Gilstein was charged with one count of misapplication of entrusted funds, with a benefit greater than $75,000 and one count of filing a fraudulent tax return.

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New-vehicle sales are expected to rise 1.5 percent year-over-year to a total of 1.53 million units in August, resulting in an estimated 16.6 million seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR), according to Kelley Blue Book
After a record year of sales in 2016 and seven consecutive annual increases, Kelley Blue Book's forecast for 2017 calls for sales in the range of 16.8 and 17.3 million units, which represents a 1 to 4 percent decrease from last year.
In August, new light-vehicle sales, including fleet, are expected to hit 1,530,000 units, up 1.5 percent compared to August 2016 and up 8.5 percent from July.
The seasonally adjusted annual rate for August is estimated to be 16.6 million, down from 16.7 million in August 2016 and down from 17.1 million in July.
Retail sales are expected to account for 86.1 percent of volume in August, up from 85.3 percent in August 2016.
There are 27 sales days in August compared to 26 sales days in August 2016.

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Georgia Department of Revenue agents executed a search warrant Aug. 17 at Zoom Time Motors LLC in Lilburn.
In addition to the search warrant, an arrest warrant was issued for dealer Angela Cruel.
The raid was part of an effort by the state to reduce temporary operating permit (TOP) abuse.
A preliminary search revealed Zoom Time Motors had only four title sales in the past 12 months, but issued over 500 TOPs during the same period, many of which are believed to be fraudulent or used to avoid remitting title ad valorem tax to the state.
These violations have brought criminal charges, including computer forgery and false statements, both felonies.

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Michigan’s secretary of state summarily suspended the licenses of three used-car dealerships that appear to have existed only on paper.
A secretary of state investigator attempted a general compliance inspection at Get A Car LLC in Farmington, only to find no signs of the dealership and the facility occupied by another business. The licensee informed the investigator of an alternate address, but no dealership was found at that site either.
Acting on a complaint from a consumer who allegedly paid money to 247 Motors LLC in Detroit, but did not receive a vehicle or title, secretary of state investigators attempted an inspection of the dealership. They discovered the licensed location was vacant and no records were available.
A routine inspection of Buds Auto Sales LLC’s records was attempted by a secretary of state investigator, who found the Roseville dealership not in operation. After contact with the licensee, a second inspection was attempted a month later and, again, no records were available.

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The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) fined a motorcycle dealer in the state almost $25,000 for multiple violations of hazardous waste management regulations.
During a March 2015 inspection of Central Vermont Motorcycles in Rutland, DEC personnel identified multiple violations of hazardous waste management regulations. 
Two 55-gallon drums and dozens of smaller containers were stored on the property and known to hold hazardous materials including bad gasoline, spent antifreeze, and used oil. The actively used waste containers were not stored near the waste generating process, or service activities, which put the waste out of the control of the process operator. 
The smaller storage containers were stored outside, without protection from rain or snow, and both the drums and containers were not protected from freezing. Additionally, the drums and containers were in various states of disrepair, some were left open, and none were properly marked as hazardous waste.  
Agency personnel also observed used oil rags were being stored in open, unmarked containers.  In addition, staff confirmed the shop burns used oil without first testing to ensure the used oil composition is safe to burn.  Finally, Central Vermont Motorcycle staff was unaware of the exact contents of the waste containers, and could not demonstrate sufficient knowledge of required emergency preparedness and response procedures.
For these violations, Central Vermont Motorcycle has agreed to an assurance of discontinuance

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