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 New App Targets Private Used-Car Sellers

 New App Targets Private Used-Car Sellers Featured

Blinker, a free mobile app that empowers people to buy and sell their used cars has launched in its home state of Colorado.
The Blinker app transforms the used car market by guiding users through a few easy steps to complete their auto transactions independently, quickly and securely - all from a smartphone. With just one photo, users learn a car's year, make, model, equipment, value and miles - in seconds. With another photo of their driver's license, a seller can list their car and a buyer can get approved for financing - in minutes.
The Blinker app handles purchase offers and payments, ensures the seller is paid in full and also completes official title documents.
Blinker is free to use for both buyer and seller, and includes a free CARFAX Report, ensuring Blinker buyers are fully informed about a vehicle's condition and history before deciding to purchase. Blinker also offers the option of buying a service contract. And soon, car owners will be able to use the app's patent-pending, image recognition technology to refinance their cars, as well as to purchase parts, service and car insurance.
As a 35-year veteran of the auto industry and founder of the John Elway Dealerships and Summit Automotive Partners groups, Rod Buscher, CEO and also a founder of Blinker, brings a wealth of experience to the app’s creation.
“The process of selling and buying used cars privately creates a lot of anxiety for most people,” Buscher said, “but Blinker solves all that by making the process quick, easy, much safer and fun."
Blinker will launch the app nationally next year.



Last modified on Wednesday, 14 September 2016 16:53
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