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AG Charges Dealerships with Adding Costs

AG Charges Dealerships with Adding Costs Featured

The New York attorney general announced two separate settlements that cost more than $900,000 in restitution and $135,000 in penalties and costs.The state had charged Garden City Nissan, Nissan of Huntington, VW of Huntington, Potemkin Hyundai and Potemkin Mitsubishi with the unlawful sale of credit repair and identity theft protection services.Often, these after-sale items added hundreds or thousands of dollars in hidden charges to the sale or lease price of a vehicle. The costs of these items were often bundled into the vehicle sale price and not separately itemized.  The attorney general’s investigation showed that with some dealers, consumers were totally unaware that they had received these services. In many other cases, consumers thought that the services were free. As a result, often unbeknownst to the consumer, the price of the car stated on purchase and lease documents was inflated by the amount of these after-sale items.
Last modified on Friday, 13 October 2017 03:11
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