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State Suspends Dealers

State Suspends Dealers Featured

Michigan’s Secretary of State summarily suspended the licenses of three used-vehicle dealers for failure to follow proper procedures.Acting on complaints from financial institutions that alleged Car 1 LLC d/b/a Charger Auto Sales, in Waterford, had failed to apply for titles, which created numerous problems for the vehicle buyers including not easily being able to prove ownership, Secretary of State investigators attempted to conduct an inspection of records and inventory at the dealership on June 30. During the inspection, the dealer failed to produce records as required by the Michigan Vehicle Code. SOS investigators attempted general compliance inspections at Trendy Auto Sales in Pontiac on four occasions. In each instance, the dealership did not make records available or the facility was closed during posted business hours. Although the dealer license was renewed, the location is now vacant.Secretary of State investigators attempted inspections of records and inventory for Elite Motor Group in Waterford on two occasions. The dealership was closed both times and did not appear to be operational.
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