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Dealers Settles with AG for Selling Unsafe Vehicles

Dealers Settles with AG for Selling Unsafe Vehicles Featured

New Hampshire’s attorney general settled a consumer protection enforcement action against a used-car dealer following multiple complaints that the dealer sold unsafe and uninspected motor vehicles.
The suit was against Platinum Auto Brokers, Inc., formerly located at 535 Amherst St., Nashua, now doing business as Derry Auto Brokers located at 4 Peabody Road Annex, Derry.
It claimed that Platinum Auto Brokers sold unsafe and uninspected motor vehicles without providing the buyers with a Notice of Sale of Unsafe Motor Vehicle or advising buyers of their right to have the car inspected with the defects noted on the form as required by RSA 358-F.
In addition, the dealer failed to remove old inspection stickers prior to the sale and failed to inform the customers that the car they bought was unsafe for operation on the roads of New Hampshire. The dealer also failed to provide buyers with the federally mandated Buyer’s Guide.
Platinum Auto Brokers agreed to provide any buyer of an uninspected motor vehicle with a copy of the Notice of Sale of Unsafe Motor Vehicle form, signed by both the buyer and salesperson, and a federally mandated Buyer’s Guide which contains any warranty terms of the sale. Old inspection stickers must be removed prior to sale.
As part of the settlement with the attorney general, Platinum Auto has refunded approximately $12,000 to consumers who bought used cars from them that were sold in violation of the Consumer Protection Act. Platinum Auto Brokers was ordered to pay a fine of $5,000 with all but $1,000 of the fine suspended for five years conditioned on the company complying with all terms of the settlement agreement.

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