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Investor Sounds Good

Tuesday, 25 April 2017 11:28

There is a conservative blowhard named Stephen Green who claims in his bio to be an investor. He often blathers on about the "coming meltdown" in auto finance. He's one of these guys who writes his opinions as if their facts and offers up evidence that seems to support his claims, but on closer analysis doesn't really. Basically, he's the kind of guy who bores you at your wife's family barbecue. You're standing there, saying "Uh huh." over and over again and thinking to yourself "How is this guy related?" 

What bothers me if his claims of being an investor. He might be a hugely successful investor, but most investment bloggers offer up more depth and talk about their own investments. The problem is "investor" is a title many claim and it carries a certain cache. You see it in speaker bios all too often. But maybe they should be required to provide at least some bona fides. 

The Sound of Velcro

Monday, 24 April 2017 13:23

This article tells us that "even young, hip Americans don’t want to use mobile payment apps." You could replace "mobile payment apps" with all kinds of technology. We assume people will eventually embrace all new ideas, especially if they prove superior to what exists now. But they won't and I provide as evidence that miracle of the Space Age – velcro. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no doubt that velcro is vastly superior to shoestrings. But who uses it? Keep that in mind whenever you see projections about the inevitably of technology. The recent tech study by J.D. Power found waning enthusiasm for autonomous vehicles, even among the youngest group.

The future is not guaranteed.


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Which Song Shall We Sing?

Friday, 21 April 2017 13:06

If I were to pick a song to play while reading the latest coverage of the state of auto finance, it would be this one. But while most people are familiar with Barry McGuire's 1965 recording of the P.F. Sloan-penned protest song, few are aware of the Spokesmen's answer song. The second song proved more prescient then and will probably wind up a more apt theme for auto finance today.

Market Priority

Thursday, 20 April 2017 12:49

One of those Truth conspiracy ads against “Big Tobacco” says that cigarette makers have labeled blacks as a “market priority.” The woman in the ad says it as if that were a pejorative. When you face a dwindling market and one segment is stable, of course it’s a market priority. College-age women are probably also a market priority.

When you deal in a product that some people find morally objectionable, such as cigarettes or subprime finance, that people will take extra notice of the fact that many of your customers are from what they consider a vulnerable group. And that creates problems.