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NTSB Spreads Blame in Autopilot Crash

NTSB Spreads Blame in Autopilot Crash Featured

The National Transportation Safety Board determined that a truck driver’s failure to yield the right of way and a car driver’s inattention due to overreliance on vehicle automation are the probable cause of the fatal May 7, 2016, crash near Williston, Fla.
The NTSB also determined the operational design of the Tesla’s vehicle automation permitted the car driver’s overreliance on the automation, noting its design allowed prolonged disengagement from the driving task and enabled the driver to use it in ways inconsistent with manufacturer guidance and warnings.
As a result of its investigation the NTSB issued seven new safety recommendations and reiterated two previously issued safety recommendations.

Last modified on Wednesday, 13 September 2017 15:24
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