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State Names Vehicle Director

State Names Vehicle Director Featured

The Kansas Revenue Secretary has appointed David Harper to replace retiring Director of Vehicles Lisa Kaspar. Harper currently serves as director of property valuation in the Department of Revenue, and will retain that job in addition to his new role as director of vehicles. Before joining the Department in 2007, Harper worked for 25 years in the appraisal and property tax administration field. Kaspar served as Director of Vehicles for four years, culminating a 35-year career at the department that spanned multiple roles and leadership positions. When she took over the Division of Vehicles, she implemented twice yearly stakeholder meetings that brought together industry officials who have ties with the division in any way, such as law enforcement, transportation leaders, organ donation representatives, and the banking industry, among others. The meetings facilitated communication into and out of the Division of Vehicles, making a significant impact on the processes of the division and collaboration with partners. Harper will continue these meetings.
Last modified on Tuesday, 12 September 2017 00:52
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