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Consumers Shop Online in Leisure Time

Consumers Shop Online in Leisure Time Featured

Consumers want to shop for cars in a more relaxed manner, according to a recent study by CarMax Inc. CarMax commissioned a Google Consumer survey of U.S. online consumers who have previously bought a car to uncover preferences and attitudes as they relate to various car-buying habits. The survey was fielded on March 29 and completed by 1,015 respondents. One of the findings was that people do most of their car shopping on their own time. Almost half of respondents (44.2 percent) are most likely to research their next cars in the evening, while watching TV or relaxing. Ten percent of respondents actually shopped for a car while in bed. Roughly one in five respondents are most likely to research their next car during the workday. The study also found consumers trust experts and their own experiences more than they do the opinions of others. Roughly a third (35.7 percent) of respondents plan to select their next cars by reading car reviews. Almost a quarter also see the value of a test drive in helping make their decision However, only 4 percent would ask a friend about his or her opinion on a particular vehicle.
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