Latest Online Edition  Read Here Names Most Searched Vehicles Names Most Searched Vehicles Featured has released an analysis of site reviews, ranging from the most reviewed and most highly reviewed cars, to where in the U.S. consumers are most inclined to leave dealership reviews.
The top five most reviewed cars on are:
   • Honda Accord
   • Honda Civic
   • Toyota Camry
   • Honda CR-V
   • Ford F-150
The top five highest-rated cars by users are:
   • Chevrolet Corvette
   • Toyota 4Runner
   • Ford Mustang
   • Porsche 911
   • Mercedes-Benz S-Class
In addition to consumer reviews of individual vehicles, helps consumers find the right dealership to do business with.
The top five states with the most Dealer Reviews on are:
   • Florida – 365,000 dealer reviews
   • Texas – 255,000 dealer reviews
   • Nevada – 249,000 dealer reviews
   • California – 247,000 dealer reviews
   • New Jersey – 226,000 dealer reviews

Last modified on Friday, 19 May 2017 00:36
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