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Dealer Admits to Unconscionable Acts and Practices

Dealer Admits to Unconscionable Acts and Practices Featured

A Wichita, Kan., car dealer has entered into a consent judgment with the Sedgwick County Office of the District Attorney involving allegations of unconscionable acts and practices involving car sales.

The agreement between Jones & Co. Auto Group and the district attorney’s Consumer Protection Division called for the dealership to provide full restitution to a consumer in the amount of $4,568.75. Jones & Co. will pay a total of $6,355.90 in restitution, civil penalties, investigative expenses and court costs.

The district attorney alleged that Jones & Co. sold the consumer a vehicle that fell below legal standards after the engine had to be replaced shortly after the purchase. The car’s engine failed 25 miles from the dealer’s lot at 4550 S. Broadway.

In Kansas, automobile suppliers are specifically prohibited from selling cars “as is.” Suppliers must disclose specific defects to consumers so there is equal bargaining power between suppliers and consumers.

Jones & Co. Auto Group agreed to refrain from the deceptive or unconscionable practices.



Last modified on Thursday, 09 March 2017 21:34
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