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FTC Provides CFPB with Summary of Enforcements

FTC Provides CFPB with Summary of Enforcements Featured

The staff of the Federal Trade Commission has provided the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with an annual summary of its activities enforcing the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.The FTC is responsible for ECOA enforcement and education regarding most non-bank financial service providers. In the summary, FTC staff describes the commission’s work on ECOA-related policy issues, including those addressed in research and policy development such as a proposed consumer survey to provide insights into consumer understanding of the automobile purchasing and financing process at dealerships; a report outlining questions for businesses to consider to help ensure that their use of big data avoids outcomes that may be exclusionary or discriminatory; a report on fraud in African American and Latino communities; and FTC workshops. The summary also outlines the commission’s business and consumer education efforts on fair lending issues.
Last modified on Sunday, 12 February 2017 15:01
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