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Auction Owner Founded Two Sales
Sam Gelt, founder of two auctions, died.

He was 94.

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GWC Updates Portal
GWC Warranty has introduced several new updates to its online Dealer Portal.
Dealers now have...

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ADESA Promotes Executive VP for Online
ADESA has named Jason Ferreri as executive vice president of online services for ADESA U.S.

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Alt-Fuel Vehicles Still Struggle
Alternative-fuel vehicles continue to struggle in the market.

NADA Used Car Guide reports...

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Gas Prices Boost Sports Cars
The analysts at Kelley Blue Book report used high performance and sport car segment models are outpe...

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Auction Owner Founded Two Sales
GWC Updates Portal
ADESA Promotes Executive VP for Online
Alt-Fuel Vehicles Still Struggle
Gas Prices Boost Sports Cars

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ServNet Forms Special Committees

servnetServNet has recently announced a change to its organizational structure, dividing its membership into tactical committees, reports Patty Stanley, ServNet's vice president and owner of two ServNet locations: Carolina Auto Auction and Indiana Auto Auction.

Each owner of the 31 ServNet auctions serves on one of five committees: technology, brand awareness, events, sales and special projects.

Each committee is chaired by a member of ServNet's board of directors.

"In forming the committees, our goal is to offer even greater opportunities for ServNet's auction owners to be involved in the important areas of business that affect ServNet as a whole, as well as to drive ServNet's operations," said Stanley. "Every ServNet owner's voice is important to the success of our organization, and as the number of ServNet auctions has grown, we want to ensure that the owners continue to influence the decisions that affect ServNet's business environment and the marketplace," Stanley said.

Stanley reports that ServNet has recently unveiled several new strategies that have resulted from the work of ServNet's committees. She notes that, thanks to the Technology Committee, ServNet will soon have an analytics program in place to provide auction customers with meaningful data from both individual auctions and the group as a whole. She indicated that the Sales Committee recently completed an extensive analysis of the top 20 U.S. Commercial accounts, to more accurately identify their selling locations and market areas. Also, the brand awareness committee, led by Stanley, recently produced a ServNet Directory, which will be distributed at the Conference of Automotive Remarketing in March.