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  • AN +1.16 - +2.48%
  • CACC +1.19 - +0.68%
  • CAR +1.11 - +4.49%
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  • CPRT +0.38 - +1.11%
  • CPSS +0.08 - +2.02%
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  • KMX +1.48 - +3.51%
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Birthday Becomes Sale Day

Dealers Auto Auction of the Rockies jump-started its first sale of 2012 with a 50th birthday celebration for Michele Noblitt, the auction's general manager. DAAR showcased more than 1,100 vehicles in the sale, which was attended by more than 400 dealers.

"My 50th birthday just happened to fall on the first sale of the year at DAA of the Rockies, so we decided to make it a day of celebration at the auction," Noblitt said.

Before the sale began, Noblitt was surprised by an “older-than-dirt cake,” which was rolled out to her in the auction lanes in a wooden coffin.

"This was a fun promotion to plan. I wanted a cake that was unusual, so I came up with a dirt cake made in a small coffin. Everyone loved it,"' said Alex Allen, marketing manager.

Noblitt was also treated to a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday" sung to her by dealers and employees .

The sale was highlighted by a number of giveaways. Todd Ermentraut with Groove Auto Group joined in with the celebration by giving away an iPod Shuffle for every 10th vehicle sold, and holding a drawing for an iPad at the end of his run. Groove Auto Group ended the day with a 94 percent sale conversion.

"It is always great to have our customers want to participate in our promos with their own giveaways," Allen said.

After the sale, DAAR gave away more presents to their customers. With the theme being 50th birthday, the prizes included a box containing 50 bottles of hot sauce, stacks of 50 lotto tickets, bags of $50 in dollar coins, dollar bills, and 50-cent pieces. There were also baskets of 50 candy bars and a few gift cards.

"We gave dealers the option to pick out their present when we called their name," Noblitt said. "The dealer who picked the hot sauce started throwing bottles out to the crowd, so we let him pick another prize."

The final prize were Bronco tickets to the Jan. 8 playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, which the Broncos won in an upset.

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