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  • AN 62.00 +1.16 - +2.15%
  • CACC 140.16 +1.37 - +0.99%
  • CAR 52.91 +0.555 - +1.07%
  • CARZ 0.00 -0.01 - -0.02%
  • CPRT 38.00 +0.41 - +1.14%
  • CPSS 8.16 +0.01 - +0.13%
  • CRMT 36.80 -0.28 - -0.76%
  • DAI N/A - N/A
  • F 16.56 -0.07 - -0.44%
  • FIATY 0.00 +0.21 - +1.76%
  • GM 34.45 +0.01 - +0.03%
  • HMC 34.50 -0.39 - -1.13%
  • HTZ 28.25 +0.70 - +2.56%
  • KAR 32.00 +0.09 - +0.30%
  • KMX 45.51 +0.63 - +1.44%
  • LAD 70.68 +0.85 - +1.26%
  • MZDAF 0.00 0.00 - 0.00%
  • NSANY 0.00 -0.12 - -0.67%
  • PAG 43.05 +0.34 - +0.80%
  • SAH 23.21 +0.19 - +0.83%
  • TM 149.00 -0.45 - -0.41%
  • TRAK 48.45 +1.05 - +2.42%
  • TSLA 199.55 -0.99 - -0.50%
  • TTM 37.52 +0.11 - +0.29%
  • VLKAY 0.00 +0.26 - +0.49%
  • VROM N/A - N/A

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Wholesale Prices Rise
State Arrests Dealers for Failing to Pay Taxes...
PassTime Upgrades Devices
Consumer Spending Index Remains Steady

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Direct Mail Tool Introduced

AutoAlert, Inc., introduced a new product that offers retail car dealers its IntelligentMail direct marketing solution.

AutoAlert, Inc. and The Ready Group, LLC, a strategic automotive marketing agency, have combined forces and developed DirectAlert, a comprehensive and transparent automotive sales and marketing solution available.

Based on The Ready Group's proprietary IntelligentMail, DirectAlert provides automotive retailers the ability to create and deliver highly customizable and targeted customer-specific, pattern-interrupt direct mail campaigns proven to drive measurable results. 

"On average, every 1,000 DirectAlert pieces mailed on behalf of a dealer will result in 10 units sold, compared to a mere quarter to half percent response on traditional automotive direct mail programs," said Boyd H. Warner, CEO, AutoAlert. "When added to the proven additional sales dealers are experiencing using AutoAlert, they now have the most powerful sales and marketing solutions on the market today."

AutoAlert and DirectAlert utilize database-mining analytics to create consumer call and direct mail marketing opportunities to alert and deliver a unique pattern-interrupt selling approach.

The IntelligentMail features unique quotes for every customer in a dealer's database. Although produced in a single print run, each quote is prepared exclusively for the individual customer and is based upon their previous purchase history and current trade value.

When combined with manufacturer programs and incentives, DirectAlert communicates offers in a comprehensive and transparent manner informing the customer that with little or no money out-of-pocket, they now have an opportunity to upgrade to a new model, many months in advance of when they thought possible while maintaining a similar monthly payment.

DirectAlert can be used to: send highly individualized mass mailings to a dealership's existing customers who AutoAlert has flagged as hot prospects for immediate new business; reinforce the alerts-based marketing message communicated by trained AutoAlert users and deliver the dealerships' message in a comprehensive and transparent manner for ease of customer review; and communicate OEM and dealer data to relay information which might trigger the customer to consider repurchasing months in advance of when they believed possible.

"Because the process enables us to customize individual alert-based mailings, even a print run of 10,000 pieces, it is distinctly customer-unique and highly affordable for the dealership," Warner notes.

The pattern-interrupt content of either AutoAlert or DirectAlert uses customer-specific data including: vehicle equity, mileage, warranty, lease terms or other factors to create prospect opportunities in six different Alert categories.

"Many dealers who suddenly start capitalizing on their customer portfolios through AutoAlert quickly start booking appointments. When 50 clients keep their appointments, it is not uncommon to sell 25-45 units as a result. That's total gross approaching $60,000 to $175,000 from existing customers who might otherwise have repurchased elsewhere," Warner said.

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