Judge Rules in Favor of Data Analytics Company Featured

By Staff Writer October 21, 2018

Digital Recognition Network (DRN), an AI and data analytics company that provides vehicle location data and analytics to auto lenders, insurance carriers and other commercial verticals, announced that on October 5, a U.S. District Court Judge in the Northern District of Texas ruled on three key findings: that DRN’s one-year, non-competition contract provision is valid and enforceable; that Bay Cities Recovery, Inc. D/B/A DigitalDog Auto Recovery breached its contract with DRN; and that Location Services, LLC tortuously interfered with the contract by participating with DigitalDog Auto Recovery to breach its agreement with DRN.

“We are grateful to the court for its thorough application of the facts to the law and its thoughtful decision-making in its ruling,” said Todd Hodnett, executive chairman and founder of DRN. “Most importantly, we are pleased with the decision because it helps to reinforce the importance of contracting integrity within the auto recovery industry. Contracts are more than words on paper. They create structure and build a foundation of trust between partners in the industry. At DRN, our word is our bond. We negotiate contracts in good faith and stand behind them. We expect no less from our partners, as well.”

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