HyreCar Connects Dealers with Rideshare Services

By Radiance Cooper August 09, 2018

 With ridesharing rapidly growing in popularity, a service called HyreCar helps match aspiring drivers with used vehicles through auto dealers.

HyreCar facilitates rental transactions between drivers and vehicle owners, allowing drivers access to vehicles that meet company guidelines. The company aims to both help drivers find vehicles and allow auto dealers to monetize their assets.

Chief Communications Officer Ronjini Joshua said Hyrecar can be a good opportunity to fill the commercial gap and help individuals generate more revenue.

“We really help address underemployment, so I think that’s an area that the economy has allowed the opportunity to fill in the gaps for people who are unemployed or want to generate other streams of revenue,” Joshua said. “The second piece is there’s about an

estimated 50 percent of people who go onto the ridesharing platforms like Uber and Lyft on a monthly basis, but don’t have qualifying vehicles that meet both Uber and Lyft’s guidelines for vehicles that are able to drive on the road.”

Joshua said the automobile industry is currently in a transformative state, where more people are looking to lease vehicles versus own vehicles. As a result, vehicle access is underutilized and under monetized.

“(HyreCar) allows them to monetize it in multiple ways,” Joshua said. “It allows them to monetize vehicles by getting them used, providing usage and it also allows us to help them provide past ownership as well for people who are leasing vehicles in the long run.”

Joshua said HyreCar is also looking forward to several upcoming partnerships, including one with HopSkipDrive, a rideshare service in Denver that focuses on providing transportation for families.

“At the end of the day, we are a tech company,” Joshua said  “A tech platform that allows us to connect mobility, mobility as a service and that’s really the end goal at the end of the day.

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