Car and Driver Expands Offerings to Dealers

Car and Driver the magazine has been known for decades for its irreverent take on car culture.

Now, Car and Driver the website wants to be known as the place shoppers visit to make an informed decision about what to buy.

Heart Autos, the parent of Car and Driver and several other auto media products, has been investing in the site, adding dozens of reviewers.

While many shopping sites are also adding content, this is a case of a content site adding shopping.

James Tom, senior vice president for Car & Driver, said the site’s review bring the flare of Car and Driver to the shopping process.

Heart is willing to make the investment because it learned the site was already attracting plenty of shoppers. What make this extra attractive for dealers is these were active shoppers, near the point of making a purchase decision.

Hearst is also investing in the site by partnering with other firms.

For example, Contact at Once now provides web and mobile messaging for Car and Driver ads.

This enables direct consumer-to-dealer connections from vehicle detail pages on Car and Driver's vehicle listings platform. Dealers who advertise their inventory can now choose to opt into the Car and chat and text program at no additional cost.

Looking to the future, Hearst sees the potential to use its non-auto properties, such as its home magazines, to provide even more data to help dealers.

Last modified on Friday, 27 July 2018 20:40

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