Young People Want Somebody Behind the Wheel

By Staff Writer July 05, 2018

A new survey on cars, driving and autonomous vehicles challenges the conventional wisdom about the nation’s largest generation and suggests the demise of the car among millennials was overstated during the recession.

 Long thought to be less interested in vehicle ownership and driving, 81 percent of millennial drivers taking part in the nationwide survey said they like, love or are passionate about driving, in line with Gen Xers (78 percent) and baby boomers (79 percent).

Fifty-seven percent of all drivers – including 64 percent of millennials – believe a movement will be needed to preserve the driving experience when autonomous cars are the norm.

Hagerty commissioned the survey in response to the rapid rise of autonomous vehicle technology. The survey polled a thousand U.S. drivers 18 years and older.

On the subject of autonomous vehicles, the survey found that more than 85 percent of people will always want the option of driving a car themselves and 79 percent aren’t willing to see driving disappear. Supporting the desire for co-existence among autonomous and human-driven vehicles, the survey found that 66 percent of respondents didn’t think automation has to threaten the benefits of driving.

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