Auction Improves Safety By Going Digital

By Radiance Cooper July 05, 2018


After an accident at Lynnway Auto Auction last year claimed several lives, auctions across the country have taken steps to improve safety, ranging from adding bollards to redesigning its lanes. Quincy Auto Auction in Massachusetts has taken a more radical approach – taking away the cars.

General manager Danielle Chubbuck said they decided to make the switch after the Lynnway incident. They now have no vehicles physically running through the lanes during the Monday sales.

“We decided after the tragedy at Lynnway that accidents can happen anywhere, and we definitely don’t want to be responsible for somebody losing their life,” Chubbuck said. “It’s much more organized now.”

Bucket said having a digital format has several benefits in addition to being safer. It allows the auction to be much more efficient in terms of time, climate and locating vehicles.

“Everything sits in a spot,” Bucket said. “So you go out, you can start it up, you can lift the hood, take a look at everything. And then go inside and bid or place a proxy bid and the internet will do it for you.”

Chubbuck said there was some initial push back when Quincy turned into a digital auction. However, she said they haven’t lost any business because and some new bidders have been drawn to the sale out of curiosity.

Taking away the excitement of all the moving metal does have some downside. Chubbuck said there is no longer the experience of dealers saying, “Oh, something flashy is coming through. “Let me run over and just raise my hand without actually seeing what I’m raising my hand for because it caught my eye.”

Other auctions have incorporated more digital offerings into their sales, although none have made the full commitment like Quincy.

Kristie Letizia, president of Greater Milwaukee Auto Auction used to pull her her inop vehicles through the lanes. That grew very expensive, she said.

Today, Greater Milwaukee’s staff takes multiple photos and of the units. These pictures are then put up on big screens in the lanes.

“They’re doing just as well if not better,” Letizia said.





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