Consumers Want EV Tax Break Featured

By Staff Writer March 19, 2018

A recent survey by Autolist aimed at gauging the $7,500 federal tax credit for electric vehicles' popularity shows strong sentiment for keeping or even expanding the EV incentive.

According to Autolist's survey, 63 percent of consumers said they believed this $7,500 tax credit was somewhat important or crucial to support electric vehicle adoption in the U.S. market. Moreover, a third of respondents said that the 200,000-vehicle cap on tax credits per automaker should be lifted altogether in an effort to boost EV sales. 

The same Autolist survey also found that 74 percent of respondents said the $7,500 tax credit would have at least some impact on their decision to buy an electric car, underscoring the importance of the credit to consumers who see the high price of electric vehicles as a crucial hurdle to buying one. 

An earlier Autolist study found that the high price of EVs was the second-most concerning issue for consumers.

The range of electric vehicles was their biggest concern. 

Of the 74 percent of consumers impacted by the tax credit, 39 percent said it would have some impact on their decision, 25 percent said it would have a large impact and 11 percent said that without the tax credit, they wouldn't consider buying an electric

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