PassTime has launched InTouch Summit, an all-new device management portal for its InTouch product line.

InTouch is a GPS solution connecting vehicles for dealers and consumers.

Dealers use InTouch to monitor inventory on their lot, keep track of test drives, and as a theft recovery tool. Consumers who purchase InTouch from an authorized dealer can use InTouch’s connected car features for vehicle monitoring and theft recovery.

InTouch Summit, the customer portal where dealers manage their InTouch devices, features a completely redesigned interface, faster actionable items, enhanced data analytics, and a better overall user experience.

Along with the companion suite of InTouch mobile apps, InTouch Summit will give customers a great experience when managing their InTouch connected vehicles.
InTouch Summit is currently available to select customers.

PassTime has debuted the Elite 6 device, the latest entry in its Elite line of GPS devices.

With an installer-configurable starter-interrupt setup option, installers can now integrate Elite 6 into a much broader selection of vehicles than ever before. The setup configurations also allow Elite 6 to more easily address the challenges posed by newer ignition technologies found in push-button start vehicles as well as many advanced stop-start engine systems.

Elite 6 also features LTE communications for superior network longevity as well as a discrete, precision GPS system for enhanced location pinpointing.  In addition to the advancements in installation flexibility, Elite 6 also boasts a 20-percent size reduction.

Further, Elite 6 contains advanced self-override features which give consumers multiple options, including a mobile app, to utilize disable override commands.

Elite 6 will begin shipping to PassTime customers in early November.

HyreCar has announced a strategic partnership with PassTime.

This partnership offers advanced vehicle asset tracking and management to car dealers and fleet owners who use the HyreCar platform.

PassTime has set up a special-order portal for DriveItAway - HyreCar dealers to procure vehicle telematics units, and will be integrating all of the PassTime telematics services within its dealer focused vehicle administration platform for easy vehicle specific applications.

PassTime and Megasys announced the companies have completed a software integration project.

With the new integration project complete, customers will be able manage their PassTime GPS products using the Megasys Omega originations and servicing system. This will streamline the process of setting up new accounts and performing many of the PassTime system functions from one system.

Clients will be able to manage an asset directly within the Megasys Originations and Servicing systems. The seamless real-time integration allows customers to perform several PassTime functions including location, enable/disable and notification services.

PassTime announced the all-new Trax 6 device, an LTE Category M GPS tracking device.  

The Trax 6, certified on Verizon Wireless, features LTE Cat M (category M) technology which boasts extremely low power consumption from the device as well as network longevity in using some of the newest network technology available.

TRAX 6 is currently in production and will be commercially available soon.

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