Study Finds Tariffs Would Draw Buyers to Used

By Staff Writer August 08, 2018

Looming tariffs on new vehicles would likely cause many consumers to buy a used vehicle instead, according to a recent study by 
Forty-one percent of current car shoppers polled said that tariffs on new vehicles would cause them to buy a used vehicle.

This was the most common response by a wide margin, Autolist found. 
Twenty-two percent of consumers said they were unsure of the impact on their purchase consideration, 15 percent said they would buy a cheaper new vehicle than they were originally considering, 14 percent said tariffs wouldn't change their plans to buy a new vehicle at all and nine percent said tariffs would cause them to delay their purchase altogether. 

Autolist polled 1,453 current car shoppers in late July to gauge the impact of potential tariffs on their vehicle purchase.

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