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By Ted Craig July 10, 2019 615

When Lee Iacocca passed away last week, I resisted writing about it because I felt I had little to add to the outpouring of opinion. Then I realized that was ridiculous, since unlike many writers I had a very personal connection to Iacocca’s legacy.

My father was a patent attorney with a private practice in Detroit in the 1970s. That was not a booming business, unless you wanted to follow your clients to northern Indiana. One day he called up an old friend from law school who worked at Chrysler and asked if they had any openings. It turned out they did, as many rats were scurrying off the sinking ship.

My dad went to Chrysler figuring he’d ride that out as long as it lasted, which probably wouldn’t be long. A few months later, the company announced the hiring of a new CEO. My dad once told me that when he started he looked at the org chart of the company’s top executives. They were all very handsome. A few years later, he looked at the same org chart and all the executives were ugly. But the company’s balance sheet was beautiful.

Lee Iacocca did more than keep the company from going under. He made it a place people like my dad were proud to work at.  

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