Today’s DMS Does a Lot, But Not Everything  Featured

By Ted Craig November 06, 2018


A good dealership management system can do a lot for a dealership. But no one system can do everything.

After all these years, the one-size-fits-all solution eludes the industry.

“There’s no one software that does everything perfectly,” said Brent Carmichael, executive moderator for NCM Associates Inc.

This is due in large part to the independent nature of used-car dealers, Carmichael said.

With franchise dealers, the manufacturers tell them what they need. Used-car dealers decide this for themselves.

This makes it challenging for a provider to give everybody everything they want.

Mike Frazer, president of Frazer Computing Inc., knows the limits of his company’s system. For example, it doesn’t offer a service component.

But it still makes life easier for dealers in many ways.

“It can be the hub for your dealership,” Frazer said.

Frazer Computing recently reached a milestone of 20,000 active users. But Frazer said there remain fewer dealers using a DMS than not.

He said those who opt not to use a DMS don’t see a need for it, often because they don’t handle financing.

Frazer Computing still signs up about 400 new dealers a month, but many leave the business at the same time.

For those who stay, much has improved with DMS in the past few years, especially integration of outside products such as payment assurance devices.

Not everybody wants the latest improvements, however.

Frazer said most of his users continue to operate the desktop version of their software. Only about 500 use the online version.

There are some that even still use the DOS version.

“People don’t like change,” Frazer said. “If it does what they want it to do, they’re happy.”

But the world moves on and many of the improvements to Frazer Computing’s DMS are focused on phones, whether it’s a mobile app for dealers or the ability to send texts to customers.

Some features receive less use than expected, Frazer said.

One example is a tool for Sirius XM satellite radio. It allows the dealer to turn on the feature during test drives and then offer three months of free access.

This seems appealing to Frazer, but he said only a little more than aquarter of his customers use it.

And in the end that’s the challenge to creating a DMS for all. Each dealer wants something different because on his business model.


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