Tale of Two Retailers

By Ted Craig August 06, 2018

Brookstone announced it was closing all of its mall stores, another sign of the bricks-and-mortar die off. My youngest daughter was surprised by the news, since she said the store at our local mall is always busy. I explained that when a chain closes, it closes the profitable stores along with the losers. The Borders by us probably made a lot of money, too.

But as the latest sad bit of news came out, there was a more positive traditional retail story – Apple is now worth $1 trillion. Yes, I know, it’s a tech company, but it is also a very successful bricks-and-mortar operation. Our local store is still packed with people every weekend, even though the iPhone should be a commodity by now.

Part of this is due to product, but part of it is due to doing retail right. As I’ve said before, you don’t have to wait in line to check out at an Apple store.

This is survival of the fittest. Fitness means more than not being overweight. It’s about agility, strength and endurance.

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