Scenes from a Mall

I went to my local mall the other day and walked pass the Tesla store. It’s a fairly small space, but was filled by two or three salespeople and about a half dozen shoppers. At least one had a camera with him, so I don’t know if shopper is the right word. Heck, I doubt Tesla calls the employees “salespeople.”

The Tesla store is right next to the Apple store, which is always full during the weekend. I don’t know what people do in there, but they always seem very excited.  It’s a perfect location for Tesla.

Across the way from these two stores in a Microsoft store. It’s never full. The closest anyone comes to excitement is when they are playing on the Xbox. Microsoft is the Chevrolet of IT. It’s the biggest and it works fairly well at a reasonable price, but nobody cares. You can’t beat enthusiasm.

Last modified on Thursday, 16 August 2018 18:40

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