Who Gives a Donation?

This infographic shows which occupations donate to which party. As you can see, folk in car sales overwhelming support Republicans. Car dealers would argue that they are go-it-alone entrepreneurs who want the government off their backs. Others would point out that they are a moated industry the thrives on licensing and franchise laws.

Many factors determine a group's political leanings. One obvious factor, as I just described, is which ways the government helps and harms them. Another is the traditional level of union membership. That is why locksmiths are an outlier among skilled tradesmen. Gender and ethnicity can trump career concerns, as shown by the Democratic support among female executives and taxi drivers. Then there is the type of person attracted to some jobs. For example, editors are heavily Democrat. I myself am a Whig, but we haven't had a decent candidate since Millard Filmore.  

Last modified on Thursday, 16 August 2018 18:53

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