Not in Love

Part of the reason Tesla's stock has risen as fast and far as one of SpaceX's rockets is goodwill from many corners (except, of course, dealers). But the firm seems to be burning through that supply fairly quickly. It is feuding with the feds over safety issues concerning both its drivers and its workers. Consumers are becoming irritated by the idea of paying money for Elon Mush's promises of someday delivering a car. The actor Courtney B. Vance recently told the WSJ he didn't want to pay $1,000 for a waiting list spot and instead bough a Chevy Bolt, which he loves. 

The worst thing that can happen to tech companies, and it seems to be happening to many of them these days, is when consumers realize they aren't better than any other companies. These companies promised consumers that they were better than their peers and that the consumers would become better than their peers by association. Now, these consumers realize that they have indeed been fooled again.

Last modified on Tuesday, 17 April 2018 20:15

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