Black Book Enhances VIN Info

By Staff Writer January 29, 2019 1072

Black Book announced its ValuEngine batch-processing tool now offers Enhanced Vehicle Matching, a more precise VIN-level valuation tool powered by machine learning and natural language processing.

 Approximately 30 percent of VINs do not decode to a single trim level. Furthermore, adjusting values for vehicle equipment often requires manual interaction.

Through artificial intelligence, Black Book valuations are continually becoming even more precise by increasing the frequency of unique trim identification along with any applicable add/deducts. 

The first foray into a more precise VIN-level valuation enhancement was introduced through History Adjusted Valuations. Enhanced Vehicle Matching in ValuEngine leverages machine learning and big data whereby Black Book’s data science team has created a process to match 17-digit VINs to a single trim and any applicable add/deducts.


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Last modified on Tuesday, 29 January 2019 14:41