TradeRev Shortens Auction Length

By Staff Writer January 29, 2019 624

TradeRev will shorten its auction timer beginning Feb. 5 to increase the velocity of dealer transactions on the platform.

The change condenses the current one-hour auction plus one-hour closing period to a 45-minute auction and 15-minute closing period for buyers and sellers to finalize sale details.
TradeRev also announced its 2019 flat-fee transportation rates for U.S. dealers and an accelerated registration process that allows new dealers to register and begin transacting in as little as ten minutes.
TradeRev's 2019 flat-fee shipping program is now available to all U.S.-based dealers.
The flat-fee transportation program is facilitated in partnership with CarsArrive Network, a TradeRev sister company under KAR Auction Services Inc.
Also available to dealers is TradeRev's streamlined registration process to help new dealers become TradeRev partners and start transacting more quickly.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 29 January 2019 15:50