Manheim Integrates Central Dispatch Featured

By Staff Writer May 15, 2019 775

Manheim is introducing a new integration for dealers to schedule transportation for vehicles they buy at auction.

Manheim’s buyers now have seamless access to Central Dispatch’s digital shipping platform to directly list vehicles on Central Dispatch. 

The new integration enables dealers to directly post to Central Dispatch after inventory has been purchased. Manheim dealers who haven’t yet transported their vehicles with Central Dispatch are eligible to try this integration for free during their first 60 days.

After logging into Central Dispatch and confirming their order, dealers’ purchases are directly posted to Central Dispatch, and within minutes, they will be contacted by a carrier that can transport their vehicle from the auction to its final destination.

The integration also offers Manheim dealers the ability to compare rates for transportation on Central Dispatch without even posting a vehicle. They can login and see what dealers typically pay for shipping costs.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 15 May 2019 12:49