Store Uses GPS Device to Find Stolen Car Featured

By Ted Craig May 03, 2019 536

A North Carolina used-car dealer used GPS technology to help a carjacking victim get back her vehicle.

The victim was inside a Charlotte gas station on a Sunday night when a man entered her Malibu and forced her friend out at gunpoint before driving off in the car.

The next day, James Charles, general manager at Kiplin Auto, saw a news report about the stolen Malibu.

“We sell a ton of those cars and I was praying it was not one of our customers," Charles said.

Fortunately, it was. The woman contacted Gilpin the next afternoon to see if the store could use the car’s payment-assurance device to track it down.

Dealership staff logged into the tracking system and saw the car was in Columbia, S.C., 92 miles from where it was stolen.

Staff contacted the Columbia police. When asked to describe the car, they said to look for a Malibu with Gilpin Auto stickers.

Columbia police quickly spotted the car, but the driver led them on a chase that ended with him crashing into a brick mailbox.

Police say the 17-year old driver, James Oxendine Jr., was found with a gun in the car. He is now facing multiple charges.

"It was absolutely surprising," Charles said. "We were just happy to help a Kiplin customer."

The woman told a local TV station she is now a Kiplin customer for life.

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