Jury Convicts Dealer of Clocking, Bank Fraud Featured

By Staff Writer April 11, 2019 427

A federal jury convicted an Alabama used-car dealer on multiple counts of tampering with vehicle odometers and three counts of bank fraud.

Randy Eugene Greene, d/b/a RJ’s Auto Sales on South Memorial Parkway in Huntsville, was convicted of tampering with odometers between October 2014 and November 2016.  
The largest discrepancy in the changed odometer reading was approximately 218,678 miles.  The average discrepancy in the mileage on the odometers for the various vehicles was 122,046 miles. 

In the three counts related to bank fraud, Greene engaged in a scheme to defraud Redstone Federal Credit Union.  The fraud occurred when the credit union financed three of the vehicles on which the odometers had been changed. 

Greene was served with a notice of forfeiture related to the bank fraud counts, which includes but is not limited to a money judgment in the amount of $28,000.

During the trial, the government presented testimony from the 11 victims who purchased the vehicles from Greene and his business.  All said that they would not have bought the vehicles or would not have paid what they did had they known the true mileage on the vehicles. 

The government also presented evidence from wholesalers who testified about the mileage that was on the vehicles when they were originally sold to Greene. 

Tampering with an odometer carries a maximum 3-year prison sentence and a maximum $250,000 fine.

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