VinSolutions Integrates with Car Wars Featured

By Staff Writer March 09, 2019 415

Car Wars and VinSolutions have announced an improved integration that brings enhanced lead management capabilities to dealers utilizing both VinSolutions Connect CRM and Car Wars.

With the improved integration, the Car Wars dealership call tracking software automatically attaches a recording of every outbound sales call to an existing customer record in Connect CRM.

 In addition to attaching call recordings to Connect CRM customer records, the Car Wars tool also generates and attaches written call recaps, which streamlines workflow and allows dealership staff to personalize customer interactions without listening to every call.

 This automation provides lead management capabilities in VinSolutions’ platform.

The new integration also enables pre-authenticated, direct access to Car Wars reporting and insights through Connect CRM, which is the main day-to-day activity hub for many dealership staff.

 In addition to strengthening the integration between the two platforms, VinSolutions will also be implementing Car Wars’ new communication dashboard, Call Box, at its Contact Center. The system will allow users to click directly into a customer record in VinSolutions Connect CRM while on a live call, as well as utilize click to call.

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Last modified on Saturday, 09 March 2019 21:38