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By Staff Writer February 28, 2019 571

ADESA announced the launch of VirtuaLane auctions, a live in-lane auction experience that utilizes technology to create a virtual marketplace for ADESA customers at its physical auction locations.

VirtuaLane has launched at 20 ADESA locations in North America.

Dealers attending a VirtuaLane sale participate in the same bidding process as in a traditional in-lane auction. However, instead of cars physically driving through the auction lanes, big-screen monitors showcase the vehicle and its features during bidding.

Before the bidding begins, customers can view the vehicle in person while it is parked at the ADESA auction location. Just as with traditional ADESA auctions, customers have access to detailed condition reports, photos, valuation tools and transportation for purchased vehicles.

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Last modified on Thursday, 28 February 2019 13:58